Not Talking About It

I’m sitting here in the Montréal apartment thinking about how I’m working on a lot of games (like, I could put the number at something like 16 of various sizes) right now, but kind of feel like I can’t discuss process stuff like I might normally because they’re all concerning projects with/for other people and I don’t necessarily know what’s cool to write about and what isn’t. And if I can’t write about, you know, myself, then what am I supposed to write about?! Maybe I’ll try to do some game reviewing or something as a way to get back into the swing of things, I feel I’ve been playing a bunch of pretty interesting stuff online of late, and my students’ games here at Concordia are pretty fascinating, too! Anyway, sorry about the lack of posts if you were sitting there caring about that, I do continue to intend to do better. I have the very best of intentions paving my way to… somewhere.

26 June 2013
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