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(Amazed 1GB lamb in oddly coquettish pose is amazed…)

I’m now back in Malta after spending a few very pleasant days in Rijeka, Croatia as part of the A MAZE indie pop-up component of the Republika festival. Had an excellent time there, most of all thanks to getting to meet a bunch of fellow game-makers and enthusiasts like Thorsten Wiedemann, Rami Ismail, Zuraida Buter, Marek Plichta, Lea Schönfelder, Lorenzo Pilia, Simon Bachelier, Mario von Rickenbach, and Mattias Löwe. I’ve not actually been to too many “indie events”, in fact, so it was especially novel for me to spend time with so many people who “get it” in the way that these people do.

We had games running in a very cool industrial space as part of A MAZE. I learned some interesting lessons about showing certain games. Like, I should have made a launcher for the Mumble Indie Bungle, for instance, to make it easier for people to see what was available. Should have made certain games auto-restart, so that people didn’t think it was all over. In particular, one great thing (I think) about Gurney is the way that at the end it often goes from flickering colours to a completely blank screen. Awesome, but in the exhibition I sometimes saw the TV displaying the games looking like it had been turned off, when in fact Gurney had just finished. Oops. Still, next time.

We also had an evening of talks on Saturday night (Republika ran on a hip schedule of starting at around 6pm and running through to around midnight before the parties started). People had some interesting things to say and, again, it was a pleasure to be able to listen to people who know a lot about the indie scene or about making games “their way” talk it through. Some beautiful slide decks, too, which I always admire.

In the end, although I tend to find any and all social events draining, I’ve come back to Malta feeling a lot more positive about game-making and the projects I’m engaged with at the moment, and I’d say that’s thanks to the time spent with birds of a feather. So, down with Imposter Syndrome (thanks to Rami for reminding of and speaking about that particular phenomenon) and up with… whatever the other thing is… Motivated Syndrome…

22 July 2013
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