Kick: Started

So the collaboration with Marina Abramovic is finally substantially less secret! Marina has a Kickstarter going to fund a part of this new Marina Abramovic Institute project. And my involvement is, perhaps unsurprisingly, that I’m making some games associated with a couple of the reward tiers.

One of the games (or “games” if you prefer) I’m working on is a

digital version of the institute itself. The institute will have these chambers associated with different exercises as part of the “Abramovic Method” which is all about kind of getting yourself in tune with reality and awareness etc., in this case in preparation to see a long-durational performance – though of course awareness and meditation etc. are always kind of handy. So I’m making these weird digital versions of those, which has been quite an interesting exercise in itself. Specifically, I’ve been spending time thinking about what it means to “remediate” such intensely reality-focused exercises/meditations into a digital game on a screen. Fun!

The other thing I’m making is related, which is a small set of games based on other exercises Marina has/does. They have excellent titles like “Complaining to a tree” and “Stopping the anger” which I quite enjoy. Again, the challenge has been thinking of how to represent such things in a game-like setting. It’s also fun because I’m not doing the usual “pixel art” thing with those ones but have instead been doing “proper” drawings like I used to back when I was drawing comics all the time. Very pleasant.

Anyway, ever since indie types have been using Kickstarter to get projects going I’ve always wondered if it would be possible for me to use it somehow in the context of my own games, but I certainly didn’t imagine this would be the first Kickstarter I’d be personally involved in. But there you go, that’s life sometimes: weird.


26 July 2013
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