Snek. of My Heart

I was playing Snek. a bit today because I’m giving a talk that includes it later in the week and was getting Rilla to film me playing as a way to communicate what it “is” to an audience. As I was playing it I was reminded of how much I like it and felt a renewed sadness that it didn’t quite work out in terms of getting people playing. Of course, all that was my own fault: Sometimes it doesn’t actually work, in that it either misreads or just doesn’t read your gesture. It’s only on the ol’ iOS devices, which is exclusionary. It’s not quite friendly enough for most people to get past all the weirdness.

And of course it’s bloody awkward to play. But that’s the beauty of it. As I turned my phone around in my hands over and over, or jabbed it about, I really enjoyed the disjunction between the perfect device with its lovely screen and what I was doing. It just works in that way. Definitely makes me want to try a bit harder with the next game like that, and definitely makes me want to release to a broader range of devices next time (hopefully with the help of Haxe).

So, sorry Snek., I still love you.

21 October 2013
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