Jostle Bastard

You bastard! Or are you?! Delve deep into the world of being an irritating jerk! Or not! Are you a jostler from the streets or some kind of politely sidling dandy?! Or are you just trying to get by in this crazy world?! You be the judge!

Jostle Bastard banner

Jostle Bastard was made in collaboration with Unwinnable for their Playable project. It was written in Haxe, using the HaxeFlixel library. Sound effects were made in bfxr.

You can read my writing about Jostle Bastard on my blog. More importantly, you can read all kinds of stuff about the game in the documentation associated with the Playable project. Jostle Bastard was also featured on Free Indie Games,, Indie StatikOujevipo, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Forest Ambassador, and Kill Screen.

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19 November 2013
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