A Week in Three Photos, 12 February – 19 February

Valletta Stairwell

Finally took the lift from lower Valletta up to the top and observed the kind of remarkably fancy system of tickets and gateways that it operates on and that lead to a really banal office-style lift. That said, looking up from the bottom reveals a very impressively high spiralling stairway.

Azure Window

Did some touristing on Gozo and saw things like the Azure Window here, which is a bit of an iconic Malta Sight. It’s quite beautiful obviously, but we also watched the sun set into the flat see and saw the “green flash“.

Malta view

Spent some time in Mdina and Rabat and took the requisite photo of the view from the battlements of Mdina. Then went and ate a pretty good piece of banoffee cake at Fontanella, with a similar view.


19 February 2014
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