A Week in Three Photos, 5 – 12 March 2014



The thing that I was kind of dreading and looking forward to with my Instagram project finally happened: I started running out of obviously quaint and quirky things to photograph around my immediate neighbourhood in Sliema. Since then I’ve had to start ad libbing by creating new categories of photo, such as a series of “abstractions” usually created by photographing things way too close up and adding a filter. (This one is just a couple of folds on the leg of my pants.)

Rock pool

And of course playing with scale can also be one without utterly obscuring the thing you’re taking a photograph. This is a photo from “inside” a rock pool, with my phone precariously held just above the water line to make it look like some crazy bay or something. (So, so glad I didn’t drop my phone in there.)


As the light was going while I was out on the beach near the apartment I decided that this pole looked like it was kind of wearing camouflage. I’m not so sure about it now, but it is kind of blending a bit, maybe. (Moments later I saw a guy standing outside my apartment building dressed entirely in camouflaged casual apparel: hat, sweater, sweatpants. I did not photograph him though unfortunately.)

12 March 2014
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