A Week in Three Photos, 12 – 19 March 2014

Colours Oh My

Found some pretty riotous colour combinations in the Mission area of San Francisco, but none better than this ladder and paper shreds affair in a local store where we bought three sugar skull candles among other things.

Bike Lane?

Very much wonder what the story is behind this rather poorly drawn bike-lane logo in downtown San Francisco.  First-timer? And which is better, the huge, but at least kind of circular wheel, or the to-scale but entirely square wheel?

GDC Talk

I gave my first ever talk at GDC in the “Creatrilogy” with David Kanaga and Tom Betts and it was a pretty amazing session of highly diverse takes on doing weird things with and thinking weird things about digital games. It was only a 15 minute slot, but it was plenty nerve-wracking, that’s for sure. But now it’s done!

19 March 2014
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