Five Non-Game, Non-People Highlights of GDC Week

Parrots. After walking for much too long trying to find dinner around the Embarcadero area, heard parrots chittering away at the tops of some very tall trees. They were just black dots against the sky. Then today, after trying and failing to find parrots in trees while walking around Telegraph Hill and thus heading back down in resignation, many parrots flew back and forth overhead, beautiful.

Balloons. Sitting in a Starbucks near the conference centre looking at an intersection I saw a guy hold a balloon and then release it into the sky, then kind of watch it as it went away, following along on his feet – not running but just kind of drifting along. He did this twice while I was watching, like some kind of mysterious science experiment.

Pastry. Rilla said that the (double) pain au chocolate at Tartine was the best pastry she’d ever had in her life and now it’s the best pastry I’ve ever had in my life. Really a great piece of work. The chocolate is so dark it bordered on tasting like marmite to me at times, but somehow that made it even better.

Unicorn. While having a kind of decadent lunch at Craftsman and Wolves on Valencia we had the good fortune to have as a table-neighbour a woman dressed in a light-pink unicorn onesie costume. Anthropomorphic though, so not on all fours or anything. She had the hood bit of the costume flipped back, but you could see the horn. She was very casual about the whole thing, which was perfect.

Baby. We had pie at The Cove in the Castro and the really lovely (male) waiter called us both “baby” multiple times. I’m not always into that kind of thing, but it felt so utterly uncontrived and was just charming and sweet.

22 March 2014
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