A week in three photos, 19 – 26 March 2014

Pippin the cat

My name is rare enough that I’m always pretty impressed to see it in the wild. In this case we have Pippin the rescue cat on a poster in San Francisco on Market street! Looks just like me.


Did some long-ass flying from San Francisco back to Malta. Probably around 24 hours door-to-door I suppose. Having so recently been back to New Zealand, though, I have to admit it didn’t seem all that long, which is scary. This is one of those classic photos that was kind of a fuck up, but somehow turned out alright because I say so. It was meant to be a nice photo of the clouds and the plane’s contrail, but the phone kept focusing on the scratched up window, so we here at Barr Photography embraced the abstraction, went black and white, and, boom, art photo.

Luminous bucket

I will confess that I did add a filter to this photo after taking it, but this bucket was damned luminous even without that. It was the kind of bucket you stop in front of and just marvel at, seriously. It was just sitting there on the road on my way up to the supermarket, made of the same stuff as the Madonna’s robe, perhaps. Or not really, but you know, lapis lazuli and so on. Right? Am I right?

26 March 2014
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