A week in three photos, 2 – 9 April 2014


The desperate “constructed” photographs continue as I feel I have photographed every quaint thing in my neighbourhood of Sliema. This is an opportunistic top-down photograph of an ashtray at the café formerly known as Id (now something else I don’t remember). We were having coffee with some indie game makers from Turin, not sure what they made of my sudden lurch to photograph the ashtray.

Star Nursery / Mirror

This is what it looks like when you take a photograph with your phone pressed up against the hallway mirror and use the flash. I was kind of pleased with it. I’m enjoying just how abstract photographs can look even when most of the “effect” is “in camera” or whatever. (I still use the Instagram filters to tweak things toward a particular colour palette though.) I pretentiously titled this one “Star Nursery / Mirror” because we’ve been watching the new Cosmos and, well, what the hell.


I continue to deeply enjoy taking pictures of lights, there’s just something about how they tend to pan out that’s very appealing. A lot of the time they come out very graphic in a nice way, I guess because the light itself tends to oversaturate things. But then also I think/imagine that the light source itself and its frequencies etc. must interact with the camera’s sensor and lenses in interesting ways too. Win win win.

9 April 2014
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