A week in three photos, 9 – 16 April 2014

A MAZE detritus

We went to the A MAZE festival last week – got into Berlin on the Tuesday, festival on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. A good time was had. This is an image of the remains of an excellent game by French collective One Life Remains that pretty much involved bashing buttons and fast as possible and so was built in nicely destructible materials. And they got destructed, appropriately enough!

Blissful man

This guy was in an advertisement for headphones, sitting on a sofa in front of the sea for some reason. Liked his face – a bit of a “the agony and the ecstasy” feel to it, a bit that-guy-in-_Hellraiser_ or something. Which reminds me that I lost a bag in Berlin containing my laptop, Rilla’s laptop, both our passports, and other stuff. So that was a pain. Fortunately Berlin is apparently amazingly honest and it was returned to lost and found and we got it back. Miraculous. I’d like to be able to say I looked just like this guy on the return of the bag, but I don’t own those headphones, so.


Got back to Malta on Tuesday night and it’s still the same. An artwork on every corner.

16 April 2014
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