A week in three photos, 23 – 30 April 2014


Still taking photographs of lights. I’m still not over it and it’s still a totally great way to get my photo for the day done with strenuously walking the streets of my neighbourhood for something “quirky” or whatever. Continue to love the strong “graphic” quality of a photograph of a light, how much they look like something you might draw or design.


Also leaning towards photographs of computer screens because there are so many interesting details in there. Macs also have the ability to zoom the screen in which means you can take quite nicely close up photographs of screen details while maintaining some amount of focus in the camera. Combined with the odd Instagram filter and you have, what, the intro image for an essay about Facebook and internet privacy?

No entry

The sheer number of ways that Malta indicates you can’t go places continues to dazzle me. Particularly love the lineup of recycling and trash bags to reinforce the message. Also a bit weird because it makes it look like someone lives behind that door and just put their trash out for collection. Maybe they went out and they prefer to nail some cross-beams across their door for added security while grocery shopping?

30 April 2014
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