A week in three photos, 30 April – 7 May 2014

Man and Pony

Finally saw the guy who walks his pony around on the pavements of Sliema. Rilla had seen and photographed him before, but it’s quite another thing actually to see a super cheerful guy leading a tiny horse around like it’s his pet dog. The horse was in kind of a bad mood when I saw it though, rearing its head back and “champing at the bit”, as you can maybe see here, with it in “mid-champ”.


Malta obliged with another of those “ha ha great!” moments while I was walking down one of the local streets. This was especially fun because we’ve been rewatching the X-Files and had recently seen the classic Tooms episode (the first one) in which a guy is able to contort and lengthen his body to get through tiny spaces and, uh, murder people and eat their liver. So the big question here is… is he going in or coming out?

Seascape Barcode

While out shopping this evening and aware I was running low on time to find my photo for the day I started taking super awkward and crappy close-ups of the cream container I was buying at the local grocery store. Eventually an oblique angle along the barcode that, with black and white filter and contrast fiddle, looks alright as a seascape. Just in the nick of time and isn’t blurriness and ambiguity a life-saver sometimes?

7 May 2014
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