A week in three photos, 7 – 14 May 2014

Food and Food

Malta never fails to entertain with its approaches to naming. “Food & Food” is a pretty fantastic name for this place that serves… food. And food. Rilla had a salad from here and it was apparently pretty good. They are also now serving weirdly angled hotdogs.

Blue stick

Malta is also still rocking the amazing colour combinations. This blue stick was just leaning against the wall next to our local grocer’s. It was this vibrant in real life too, so #nofilter etc.

Sunrise in the office

I have begun my latest Quixotic quest to start getting up early and working for an hour or two before breakfast. I don’t recall getting a huge amount done on this morning, but I did get a pretty magical reminder of how incredible it is to live right next to the Mediterranean.


14 May 2014
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