A week in three photos, 14 – 21 May 2014


Saw this pretty damned excellent image on a poster advertising “kids’ hairstyles” at a barber’s Barcelona that we dropped into. This was easily the best “action shot” on the poster, which was composed of many “hairstyles”.

Barcelona building

Barcelona is full of these buildings with incredible ornate facades like this. Incredibly beautiful to look at, lovely touches of colour and overwhelming textures.

Blue bench

During our walk along Girona’s city walls we ended up in this deeply charming little park in which the benches were painted a startling blue. Looked incredible alongside the stone of the walls and the greens of the gardens. (Girona, by the way, which is RyanAir’s airport of choice in terms of Barcelona, is a really lovely city in its own right and well worth a visit.)

21 May 2014
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