A week in three photos, 21 – 28 May 2014

Medusa this way

This week the photos are all going to be from Istanbul because, being a new place to photograph, it seemed infinitely more fascinating than my neighbourhood. And, to be fair, it’s an enormous city with an incredible history, so, you know. One of the great things we visited was the “Basilica Cistern” in Sultanahmet – it’s this truly giant underground area that was used for water storage. Full of columns (and fish). One of the highlights are these two Medusa heads that have just been seemingly used as bits of pillar – one is upside down at the bottom of a pillar, the other is on its side at the bottom of a pillar. All very casual. And the signs pointing the way to “Medusa” are a pretty great thing, like a very helpful (or hurtful?) World of Myth.

City wall view

While wandering in the area around the Chora museum we came across a sort of abandoned city wall structure. It was incredibly dangerous, with sheer steps leading up to the top with zero guardrails anywhere in sight. This photo is of a view up from inside one of the chambers embedded in the wall. The floor of the chamber was covered in trash, but the wall itself and the sky above were beautiful.

Elbows on display

This morning in our final hour or so in Istanbul we went for a walk around the area local to the hotel, Karakoy. While a lot of Karakoy is not hip bars and cafés, there are also lots of tradespeople type shops with people machining parts and selling valves and springs and engines and so on. This display of what I guess are elbow joints of some kind of pipes was quite lovely.

29 May 2014
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