Some poems in lieu of a blog post

The warden’s leaving

we get out the mirrors and pieces of string

settle in for a long, enjoyable night in prison,

god it’s great here.


There’s a rhythm.

When you find it

life is easy

but you can’t find it.


I’ve got a video game


you have a katana

but you’re really a dog walker

and it’s all about how to care for dogs

with a very sharp sword.


J’ai écrit une poême en Français.

Elle n’était pas si bonne.

Et quand j’ai lit cette poême,

J’ai dit qu’elle n’était pas … bonne.


The spaceships came.

It was just other people.


Don’t cry for me


the truth is I don’t care about anything anymore and I’ve gone to the Pacific Islands to die.


I had no poem,

but at least,

no poem had me.

6 June 2014
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