A week in three photos, 18 – 25 June 2014

Let sleeping cats lie

I initially thought this cat was tragically dead when I saw it, but no, just very deeply asleep. Two other people stopped to watch it too, while I was there. We were all quite impressed.

Pecha kucha

I spoke at a Pecha Kucha event in Mdina last week, which was a lot of fun. It was held at Palazzo Falzon, and the slides were all projected onto a large stone wall at the back of a courtyard, giving everything this kind of magical texture. (Slide is from another presenter, Andrea Pullicino.)

Italy versus Uruguay

Watched Italy play Uruguay in an all-or-nothing group-stage World Cup match. Italy needed to draw or win to go through to the round of 16. They lost 1-0. It was pretty heartbreaking, notably since we were there with our lovely Italian friends Costa and Elena. Tragedy. Not to mention that the entire crowd was cheering for Italy – things fell very flat after the game was finally over. Sadness. (Also: biting.)


26 June 2014
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