A week in three photos, 25 June – 2 July 2014

Ice cream

While in Copenhagen over the last week we did many things. We did many things we had done when we lived in Copenhagen as a kind of ritualistic devouring of the city. So we went back to the restaurant called Relæ, which is a very excellent kind of “molecular gastronomy”/”New Nordic” kind of a place. It’s a weird combination of being kind of affordable (kind of) while also being ranked apparently as the 56th best restaurant in the world last year, and having a Michelin star. All terribly important to us. (I think it’s the only Michelin star we’ve ever eaten. It was delicious.)

Sweaty man

Saw this amazing poster of a heavily sweating man. (It may have been rain.)

Toilet doors

The toilet doors at the toilets at Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen were kind of amazing. Unisex bathroom, just a bunch of doors. Felt like being in a stage play.

2 July 2014
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