A week in three photos, 2 – 9 July 2014


One last glamorous Copenhagen photo and then that’s it. It really is a remarkably good looking city. I believe we even managed to think that pretty much every day we lived there, and it’s still true on return. Walking along the lakes area reminded me of how much I like greenery and water to be around, so thanks CPH.


To be honest this one’s a bit of a family in-joke. As one of our close relations is known as “Bacchu” (Rilla’s mother’s youngest sister), so this place struck Rilla’s parents as being kind of hilariously named “Bacchu’s” as if that aunt owned it. It was a great moment of re-seeing a word, because I’ve never read it any other way than as the Greek/Roman god of revelry!

Internal wall

You often see these massive exposed internal walls of buildings that have been torn down. Always neat being able to trace the paths of stairs, see where the bathrooms were, etc.

9 July 2014
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