Words: The Angst Affairs

Jostle Dad Mom

I should report that I am writing this series with Teddy Diefenbach called “The Angst Affairs” on Unwinnable. Basically it’s a series in which we’re writing each other an email once per week to report in on the trials and tribulations of working on the game we promised to make “live” for the Unwinnable Kickstarter (which got funded, obviously! Nice!). So Teddy is working on quite a personal game called Need (you can read about it in the Angst Affairs) and I’m working on my sequel/prequel to Jostle Bastard called, at the moment, Jostle Parent.

Anyway this means that I’m writing about Jostle Parent all over the place (it feels like). I’m writing about it to Teddy, and then that’s turning up on Unwinnable, and then I’m writing about it “in secret” on a secret blog for Kickstarter backers (who can also play incremental builds as I develop it), and then I’m writing about it in my diary and so on. So it’s endless and it leaves me not super inclined to write about it here? So if you’re interested go read about it somewhere else, is what I’m saying? The Angst Affairs is probably the right place, I think. Geez, what an awesome blogpost.

Don’t thank me, I’ll thank you.


4 August 2014
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