Living With It (Where “It” Is Your Football Team Losing)

As probably some of you but not many of you may know I’ve been a pretty solid fan of the Dallas Cowboys since the very early 90s. Yesterday they lost in the Divisional playoffs against the Green Bay Packers in a pretty fantastic game. Unfortunately the most memorable bit of the game was a (in my opinion incorrect) reversal of a catch by Dez Bryant that might well have changed the outcome of the game.

These things happen.

But enough about reality, what about videogames? Well, I guess this experience made me think about permadeath in some ways – sports permadeath. Permafail? Permalose? Because there’s always that situation that all us sports-videogames-players face in which we make some stupid play (an interception, an own-goal, a costly penalty) and we have to fight not to quit the game in a rage, erasing the play, and then go back in, history tastefully erased, to try again.

I do this with some frequency in NCAA 14, which is the only football game I own right now. Notably when I’m trying to nurture the career of some enormous football godman who I have put my own name on. Failure is unacceptable, and, in fact, unnecessary. So I reload again and again until I don’t fumble or don’t lose the game or whatever.

The only time I’ve tended to play a sports game in which I agreed to abide by the actual results of my skill was in Tecmo Superbowl, in which I was operating based on the superstition that if I played the Cowboys’ matchups without cheating and won, then this would (of course) help them win in reality. And it worked, so there you go.

I am still many hours later, occasionally twitching with fury about the bad call in the Cowboys game. Now that is entertainment.


12 January 2015
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