The Gamechurch Podcast

Oh hi. I just wanted to write a brief post here to remind you to consider listening to the Gamechurch Podcast. It’s an interview-format podcast in which the hosts (Richard Clark and Drew Dixon) talk to a game developer about their life and work in relation to religion and religion-y things. “Full disclosure, actually”: I was on the podcast myself and listened to all the preceding episodes to “prepare” and then have listened to it… religiously… ever since, because it’s good.

The main important thing about the podcast, unlike every other games-related podcast I’ve attempted to listen to, is that it’s not just about games. Man, people talking endlessly about games is about the most boring thing the universe has to offer. I really have tried with other game podcasts, but they’re incredibly tiresome to me, just eternal noodlings about games and game balance and favourite games and important games and etc. No thanks.

With the Gamechurch Podcast you do have the obligatory discussion of games and game making, but it’s heavily contextualised with ideas about religion and philosophy, and that makes it work. So even when it comes time to talk about games (and especially now that the “what you playin’” segment seems to have been discontinued?) it’s really about the relationship between the games the developer has made and spirituality etc., connections that the hosts are generally quite good at drawing out, and that the developers themselves seem to constantly prove able to navigate with articulateness and verve. I love it.

Richard and Drew are both very forthright and committed Christians, but are terrific about accepting or at least grappling with alternative perspectives. In fact it feels like almost every guest they end up with is irreligious, which is kind of hilarious – but most of them have at least some sort of religious “backstory”, which never fails to interest. Anyway, the good humour which Richard and Drew bring to their conversations is deeply charming in a way I really appreciate – you’ll rightly end up listening to the podcast for them much more than for the guests, I think.

To sum up: subscribe to the Gamechurch Podcast. It is good. And this is coming from someone who listens to a lot of podcasts. So.

27 January 2015
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