Shine On, You Crazy Dement.

CarpetI guess this post can serve as an announcement both that I’m claiming that I’m going to be writing posts again (in theory and in my heart of hearts) and also that I’m working on making a game based on or loosely “of” the movie The Shining.

This initial report is simply to tell you that I’m doing it, that I have managed to create a respectable low-resolution likeness of The Carpet, and that the whole thing has been a painful pain in the ass so far for various reasons. The two biggest reasons are that 1) adaptation is difficult, especially when you’re confused about what your baseline idea about the adaptation is, and that 2) making a game is very difficult until you nail a visual style. For me, anyway.

Having sorted both those things out just recently, I’m hoping to just power through the actual making of the game – that bit’s trivial, right? I’m also hoping to write some posts about the process of feeling my way toward the “adaptation style” and the visual style and why it was all such an ass-pain along the way. So that’s something to look forward to I imagine.

That’s it. Night.


6 April 2015
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