Play REAL BAKU 2015 in your web browser (HTML5, mobile-friendly)



REAL BAKU 2015 was developed for FIDH, the International Federation for Human Rights, to raise awareness of arbitrary detentions in Azerbaijan leading up to the 1st European Games, essentially Europe’s version of the Olympics. It was created in collaboration with Agence Babel in Paris, France. REAL BAKU 2015 was written in JavaScript/HTML5 using the Phaser game framework. Sounds were created in bfxr the opening jingle was created in Bosca Ceoil.

You can read my writing about REAL BAKU 2015 (if there is any) on my blog, see the official FIDH press release, or even read the REAL BAKU 2015 press kit. REAL BAKU 2015 has been covered by Kill Screen, Boing Boing’s Offworld, Venture Beat, Public Radio of ArmeniaBusiness Insider, OujevipoWarp Door, and Destructoid.


16 June 2015
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