Big Exciting Game Announcement (BEGA): BREAKSOUT


Why hello there. Over the last I’ve gotten into the habit of not really talking/writing about the projects I’m actually working on, and I’ve decided to not do that anymore. I think it maybe even came from some inane sense of privacy or ‘intellectual property’ or something? Paranoia! What’s that even about? It’s not like many people read this blog in the first place! And even you lovely types who do, what do I have to hide from you? Nothing.

So, anyway, I’m starting on a kind of sequel to PONGS called BREAKSOUT. _If you’re familiar with _PONGS you may be able to guess that BREAKSOUT will consist of numerous (36, to be precise) versions of the game BREAKOUT. Once again, the idea is to explore small changes to a very simple game to see how they alter the experience, whether they’re formal rule changes, aesthetic changes, or something else again. PONGS was an important game for me in that it was a way to see what a game is ‘made of’, in a sense, and functioned as the closest thing to an experimental game (in the scientific sense at least) that I’ve put together.

Coming up with the different subgames for BREAKSOUT has been deeply satisfying, I must say, and it’s one of those projects that seems like it will be ‘easy’ (read: I’ll discover it actually takes me like a year to make). PONGS was actually made in about a week, but I don’t think I’ll be able to match that, not least of all because I’m busy settling into Montréal and because I’m making BREAKSOUT in HTML5 with mobile in mind etc., complicating matters.

More generally speaking, I’m obsessed with BREAKOUT as a base-case for ‘making a game’ at the moment, in part because Rilla and I massively failed to make a BREAKOUT-based game for a game jam in Malta recently. It set me on this intense journey of BREAKOUT-discovery, coming up with three different approaches to make (including BREAKSOUT). That, along with Two Player Breakout and Sound System II make me a real BREAKEROUTER.

Anyway, that’s the project. I already have 36 variations in mind. I’m excited about building it. Now you know what I am doing. You can rest easy.

Rest, weary stranger.

1 August 2015
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