Where, In The World, Is, Pippin, San Diego? No.


It occurs to me that I’ve been doing a pretty major life-shift thing over the last couple of weeks (and really since the start of the year in a lot of ways) that I’ve barely seemed to mention here, so here I am, mentioning it.

Rilla and I have moved to the most excellent city of Montréal in always sunny, never at all snowy or cold, Canada. Rilla has started work at the Department of Design and Computation Arts as an Associate Professor, which, to translate for people not from that world, is deeply impressive. She is a ‘strategic hire’ in the area of ‘digital media, learning and games’, also very impressive, to be strategic. Meanwhile, I am a ‘scholar in residence’ in the same department, which kind of makes it sound like I hang out in the lounge a lot or something, but really means I’ll be teaching courses (this semester: Networks and Navigation, or ‘Let’s Make Fun/Strange Things on the Internet!’), consulting with students, and Being Around.

We’ve been in Montréal for two weeks as of tonight and are very happy here indeed. We’ve visited a bunch of times before, but living here genuinely feels like something special. We’re in a nice neighbourhood, we finally have a TV (that’s at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, right?), we have almost no furniture or kitchen equipment or utensils, and we are very happy here indeed.

So that’s where it’s at. If you’re passing through Montréal or living here, this means you might see us at Tim Horton’s. In which case say hello! Or you can also just get in touch using The Internet, if you think a chance-encounter at Tim Horton’s isn’t enough of a sure thing for you. That’s okay as well.

That’s the news: happy in Montréal.

5 August 2015
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