Establishing the Necessaries

Chez Boris donuts

We’ve been in Montréal for three weeks now, so we’re gradually trying to settle into life and to establish some of those necessary parts of life. We don’t have furniture as yet, but we have other important things, such as:

A place to have coffee in the morning: So far this is Chez Boris, a very casual café fairly close to our place that happens to serve ‘Russian-style donuts’. Even better, they happen to give you two donuts free on weekdays between 8am and 10am. Yes we have availed ourselves of this several times already. Even forgetting the donuts, it’s a very peaceful place to sit and work on a laptop for a while, and they have a pretty fun playlist (heard Twin Peaks and Mazzy Star this morning, for example).

A place to buy pastries/bread: The ‘bread’ bit is more notional than the pastries bit, let’s face it. Just this evening we heard from our landlords that there’s an amazing bakery just around the corner, Guillaume. It does indeed rate very highly according to, well, everyone, so we’re looking forward to becoming regulars.

A place to have lunch while at work: There are plenty of choices for food near Concordia, but we’ve settled into a pretty good thing with a Japanese rice-bowl place, Japote, in the Faubourg foodcourt nearby. Extremely good value for money, and a remarkable vegetable tempura rice bowl along with a fine array of self-serve sauces.

A cat to obsess over: Well there are a few, but the leading candidate right now lives a couple of blocks down our street and is called Ali. He is big and friendly and often lies down on the pavement with both his legs splayed out behind him. We call him by his imagined full name: Ali Fear Eats the Soul.

So those are some important ways to get established in a new city. Trust us, we’re professionals.

12 August 2015
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