Thank Goodness for Formality


Briefly, I have been reminded several times over the last couple of weeks what a good thing it is to be ‘working on’ a game like BREAKSOUT specifically because it’s so formal and well-defined. Moving to a new country and city and university and heading toward teaching new courses is not exactly the most and calm and collected time of life, so I’ve definitely been distracted and busy enough to make it hard to put nearly as much time into game making as I would ordinarily.

The fact that BREAKSOUT is just a series of fairly simple modifications to BREAKOUT means that it’s possible to literally work on it for a ten minute block if that’s all I have – some of the versions take less that than to implement to be honest. This way, I get to feel like I’m still pushing a project forward (I’m kind of hoping to finish it within this month if at all possible), but can also devote the attention needed to actually getting life and work in order as well.

So maybe one secret to not feeling concerned about productivity is to have a game project on the go which is so mechanically and aesthetically simple that any window of time is sufficient to progress it. I can even imagine putting this into action, as I do have ideas for other formal sets of games. SPACE INVADERSES anyone?

13 August 2015
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