Desert Breaking Out

"Desert Golfing"

Continuing pottering away on my Indie Bungle 2 over the last couple of days. I started out with a Breakout version of the excellent Desert Golfing. It’s been a very satisfying game to approach in this translation-to-Breakout project because it has such a distinctive visual style alongside its simplicity that fits quite well with “how Breakout speaks” I think.

Originally I’d planned to simply place bricks randomly on the screen to stand in for the idea of procedural level generation (though whether or how Desert Golfing is (all) procedural is a fun matter of debate, or was last time I checked). But it didn’t look quite right on the screen – funny, but not funny enough. Then I had the (deeply obvious) realisation that I could sculpt the wall of bricks to look like the terrain in the original game and it just looked so perfect I felt happy for a good couple of minutes.

Add that to the level resetting each time you hit the brick with the flag on it (the hole) and you have a surprisingly robust translation of (some of) Desert Golfing into Breakout I think. Mechanically speaking, you still have to judge angles and distances in order to aim at the bricks you want to break, you still have endless procedural levels, you still have an ever-rising count of your strokes. It’s really not too bad.

Now I’ve moved on to The Graveyard though, and that’s proving significantly more challenging. (Which is interesting in itself.) Let’s see how I go!

19 December 2015
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