How do you break out of it?

How Do You Break Out Of It?

The Indie Bungle 2 continues apace, partly through my flitting between different translation in the bundle so as not to get stuck for too long on particular problems (like how to represent the song sequence in The Graveyard?). I’ve moved over to making my Breakout version of the excellent How Do You Do It? now.

A big part of my plans for this one initially revolved around the idea of not really making any changes at all to Breakout per se because it has an amusingly ‘good fit’ with How Do You Do It? Both games are at some level about counting collisions and interpreting them, so I liked the idea of a straight up swapping of the meaning of collisions in Breakout from points to “doing sex.” Initially, in fact, I’d figured on simply presenting the game as straight-up Breakout but perhaps with a palette reminiscent of How Do You Do It? (Some pinks, blues, etc.)

However, realising that How Do You Do It? is a Flash game specifically, I wanted to at least try out this whole thing of decompiling Flash to see the assets and scripts etc., as I’d never done it before. And doing that and seeing all the bits and pieces of the game (especially its very evocative sounds) made me think it would be fun to much more explicitly evoke the original in the Breakout version by simply taking various visual and audio assets and dumping them in the Breakout version. This seems like what my imaginary/speculative cloning company would do.

The results and so weirdly pleasing to me. As you play Breakout you hear the clicks of the dolls and the occasional expressive sound as the girl’s face changes expression behind the wall of bricks. Additionally, having copied the code for my Desert Golfing version, I ended up with this terrain-shaped wall of bricks which, in the context of How Do You Do It?, ended up looking organic and appropriate to the nature of the game, so I exaggerated that with random pink hues (taken from the colouring of the dolls in the game) and a shaped bottom of the wall as well as top. It almost looks a bit crude actually, which is interesting to me – that a wall of Breakout bricks could look crude.

And that’s where I’m at. End of transmission.

22 December 2015
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