The ABCs of Browser Bar

While distracting myself from doing any work this morning I idly started typing the alphabet into Chrome’s browser bar to see what the default URLs were for each letter. It was actually weirdly informative, and so, in a fit of “honesty” or “narcissism”, here’s what I got (with annotations):

A is for – because, yes, I do check up on things like how many “impressions” my tweets etc. get. This has mostly been a thing since I started doing the GAME IDEA tweets and actually think of my twitter presence more as a performance than a social endeavour.

B is for – which is the hosting service I use for my website.

C is for chrome-extension://akimgimeeoiognljlfchpbkpfbmeapkh/index_compiled.html – no idea what this really is (the URL doesn’t actually go anywhere anymore), but it’s a testament to all the Chrome Extension development I’ve ended up doing lately because of needing to teach them in classes at university.

D is for – that’s my team. And yes I keep thinking I should probably stop following the NFL because of how awful the issues of injury and brain damage are, but it’s a long-standing thing in my life, having been watching since the early 90s, and it’s hard to quit.

E is for – this is a site at my university which presents the faculty along with catch-phrase-y kind of provocations and a fancy photograph. I had my photograph taken for it pretty recently and so have been more interested in it than usual!

F is for – it sure is.

G is for – also unsurprising? Though to be honest maybe this is more of a Chrome default? It’s not like I type “” into my browser bar with any frequency?

H is for – because I like her work.

I is for – ah, email.

J is for – ah, food. But also a kind of testament to the new shape of life in Canada, which has been amazing and wonderful but also very stressful and has led us to order in much, much more often than we ever have before in our lives. We’re working on it.

K is for – the Kickstarter of my friend Gordon Calleja’s digital game version of the boardgame Posthuman, which I am tracking because I want it to do well. It’s still running actually, so get in there!

L is for localhost/~pippinbarr/phaser-development/Writer/ – unsurprisingly, the game I’ve been working on lately (and testing on my computer’s local webserver) shows up. Work is life.

M is for – my university’s portal for doing the fairly dull things an academic does like looking at class enrolments and… well that’s probably almost all I do with it.

N is for – ah, the New York Times crossword. I’ve been doing this daily for several years (with lapses) and have finally convinced Rilla to join me now. We’re not bad!

O is for – the university’s webmail system that I almost never use. Guess ‘o’ isn’t a big internet letter for me?

P is for – uh huh.

Q is for … nothing – no internet Qs.

R is for – which goes hand in hand with the crossword. Can’t always get it right, and it’s nice to be able to check on how difficult a really good crossword solver thought particular puzzles were. The writing it’s pretty entertaining too.

S is for – boring old stats about my website. I should probably default to using Google Analytics more but somehow I don’t because I can never quite bring myself to get very deeply involved in the whole web stats world.

T is for – hardly surprising.

U is for – how embarrassing? I used this toward the end of the game when I wanted to find the challenge caves and to understand whether I’d done everything I could be bothered doing in the game (I had).

V is for – a link to the first part of Adam Curtis’ All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, a very worthwhile documentary in the classic Curtis style.

W is for – since I’m constantly trying to get information on JavaScript etc. for teaching purposes. Though, again, a bit weird since I never explicitly go to the W3Schools homepage.

X is for… nothing – no internet Xs.

Y is for – fair enough.

Z is for nothing either.

What did you get?

24 March 2016
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