New Project: Rooms


I’m starting a new thing, continuing on with Unity since we’ve developed a wary friendship over the course of Post-Apocalyptic Abramovic Method Game. When I was making The Stolen Art Gallery I was also very interested in an artist called Gregor Schneider, and kept thinking about ways to incorporate some of his ideas into 3D spaces, but then I got distracted by another project and didn’t come back to it. And I kind of hated using Unity. So there you go.

Anyway, I’m back to a project that vaguely involves some of Schneider’s work. The idea is revolving around creating a single room that I then manipulate in different ways, based on how Unity works, how 3D works, how “games” work, etc. to give it a different feeling or flavour. This is somewhat in keeping with Schneider’s idea of repeatedly creating rooms, walls, spaces, sometimes replicating them in different locations, and always somehow making them feel very uncanny indeed. (If you’re not familiar with his work and you’re interested in “space” at all, I really recommend it.) Of course, the reasons that Schneider’s work is interest – such as the intense labour he performs to recreate a room – aren’t applicable in the same ways in a 3D engine. After all, replicating a space in Unity is literally as simple as cut and paste, right? But then there are, I assume, other ways that working with a single room can be interesting. And that’s what I aim to find out.

As such, I’m making the single room now, based on Schneider’s iconic u r 1. This is proceeding at the usual nightmarishly slow pace as I continuously don’t understand how to do anything in 3D, but I think it’s moving forward rather than backward. Once the room is done, I can then make these variations (hopefully a little quicker). My current thought is to “release” these rooms in small sets, but keep it as a continuous project for exploring ideas around 3D space with a highly constrained base case.

That’s what I’m doing. What are you doing? That’s a rhetorical question. There is also no comments section enabled at the moment. So.

18 April 2016
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