On Having Gone Fishin’

I’m back from what felt like a truly epic travelling stint that went through Dallas (a Bangladeshi family wedding), Utah (a roadtrip through incredibly landscapes and national parks), San Francisco (a semi-random stop-over), and Kelowna (a grant meeting and symposium). During that period I almost completely shut down my Twitter “presence”, didn’t really do a lot of emailing, and thought about game design perhaps twice the entire trip. It was kind of amazing not to do all the obsessive things I ordinarily fill my days with, but the freedom is of course paired with a kind of terror now that I’m back. Will I ever have another idea? Make another game? Write another tweet? Does anyone remember that I exist? Does any of that matter? So it’s a big reset right now basically. I’m out of practice with most of my normal activities.

I’m also starting a brand new job as an assistant professor at Concordia University in the Department of Design and Computation Arts. That is, I’m now a real-deal academic on the ol’ tenure track and everything. Check out this possibly embarrassing page of me looking friendly and interested! So that’s something to process and get used to as well. Teaching’s coming up in September, though fortunately I’m teaching the same classes as last year so that’s one less adjustment.

Anyway, I’m back now. I’ll try to make a game soon, okay? But I might not.

But I probably will.

8 August 2016
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