The GAME IDEA game jam

I had this dream of playing each of the GAME IDEA game jam games and writing a little response on this blog as a way of properly engaging with what was, for me, just a surreal and kind of wonderful experience of having what I consider poetry turned into real live videogames…

But having played my way through a few of them, such as a few ideas in no particular order by Conor Mccann and Words Must Die by Paper Nerds, I’m no longer sure I’m going to be able to comment at all. Both those particular games, for instance, are really interesting in their own right, and have different degrees of connectedness to the tweet that is listed as setting them in motion. But I really feel too close to the process in a strange way to be comfortable actually writing anything about them, or the rest of the entries.

So despite having almost literally nothing to do with the creation of the games, I feel a kind of conflict of interest in trying to say anything about them. Like it will somehow veer toward seeming like I’m praising myself or, probably worse, acting as some kind of judge of how well the games realise the tweets – neither of which are remotely appealing to me as positions to take.

So I’m going to have to remain silent and just admire the games as just one more player, pressing X, shooting hats – the good things in life.

9 January 2017
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