New Project: v r 3

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Have started off on a new project post-_SNAKISMS. I’m calling it _v r 3 after a relatively agonising process of coming up with a name for it. The core idea is that it will be a kind of gallery/museum space exhibiting… virtual stuff. I started off calling it the “New Scene Gallery”, but never felt comfortable with that. After deciding to use the Marfa buildings from v r 2 as the gallery space, it started to seem sensible to just acknowledge that this is another step along in the v r series and name as as such.

This is a shame in the sense that it loses, I think, some of the sense of a “permanent” virtual space online for exhibitions, but it frees me up to do things differently for each “show” I suppose, from different landscapes to different buildings to… whatever. So v r 3 it is. The gallery/museum space itself will have no name I think.

The first exhibition (the one in v r 3 specifically) is going to be of water. I’ve been really interested in water technology in the Unity engine since a student waxed lyrical about how beautiful the “Unity Pro Water” is and demonstrated as much in a particular scene that was dark with neon lights reflecting in the water. It really is impressive water, and the fact that one can be impressed by water interests me. The fact it’s call “pro water” is also quite hilarious. There’s a lot going on, in short, around this idea of water as technology, water as something beautiful, perhaps water as something to be looked at (rather than incidental or scene-setting). So that’s what this exhibition is going to be about.

The current idea is to exhibit both Unity’s “professional water” and third-party waters from the Unity Asset Store, which is a whole other strange concept. Third-party water, water you might pay for, water with different aesthetic goals and implementations. It’s great.

So that’s what I’m up to for the moment. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to put together, but everything always takes too long, so this will too.

30 January 2017
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