Compression of artefacts

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In what are hopefully the final stages of making v r 3 now. I have every Unity and third-party water working sufficiently well in the space that I think it’s ‘showable’ now. That is, I’ve either tweaked things enough or made peace with their appearance enough to move forward. This means I’ve been paying more attention to the idea of the game as something I need to put out into the world. And so:

WebGL. I’m not going to fight with WebGL in order to make a web-playable version of the game. I’m sure it’s possible, but at the moment the build crashes almost instantly with various script errors that don’t make sense to me immediately and I feel certain that if I engage with this I’ll spend another couple of weeks trying to get things in order. And even then I’m not convinced that all the waters will even work in the web context. Better to just restrict this to a desktop experience I think.

Title. Realised I need a title screen, so I’ll get onto that at some point. Can’t just crash land in a gallery of waters. It will be so much more helpful if a little screen comes up that says “v r 3” and then you crash land in a gallery of waters. Right? I know.

Compression. When I build the game right now it’s kind of bigger than I “want”. I’m not sure what I mean by that, but it is (or rather was) around 180MB uncompressed, which seems kind of excessive. It’s basically the fault of all the millions of textures (images) that the different waters use to create their effects, some of which are are almost incomprehensibly enormous. This gets me to one slightly interesting thing, which is the idea of compressing the textures. Obviously if I compress them they’ll get smaller and the overall game will get smaller as a result. On the other hand, if I compress them, am I somehow diluting the artistic intent of the creator of the water? Again, it’s that same question of parameters applied to texture compression – to what extent is it my prerogative/duty/right to alter the default composition of one of the artefacts that I’m treating as artworks here? It’s like, if the Warhol doesn’t quite fit on the wall you don’t cut some of it off, so…

Anyway I don’t have an answer to that one. I guess I’ll compress them because my hatred of large file sizes is greater than my desire for originalism in this particular scenario. Also, if I’m interpreting the documentation correctly, Unity can do a particular kind of compression that doesn’t actually affect the texture when you play, but only in terms of when it’s being stored, so perhaps that’s win-win. For what it’s worth, the two images above are of a compressed and uncompressed texture respectively… or it’s the other way around… I can’t tell the difference/

That’s what I’ve got. Some days are harder than other.

13 March 2017
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