New Project: Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: CPU Edition

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So v r 3 isn’t strictly speaking finished, but it’s at least out with a couple of people for testing (yes, it’s with my parents) for now. Restless guy that I am, I started working on a new thing yesterday because otherwise my self-worth would pour out of my eyes as bitter tears. The new thing is yet another iteration on my exciting franchise Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment. I actually kind of like the vague intimation with all these follow-up versions that I’m somehow “chasing the magic” of the first game, which was really “successful” in terms of traffic and attention. I don’t think I am, but maybe I am.

The new version uses the format to explore a particular extreme, which is the idea of a game you don’t even get to play – instead the computer plays the game itself. It’s related to Best Chess in a way, with the player in the role of observer (and admirer?) rather than active participant, but it cuts out the player entirely – you don’t even make a move. It also summons to my mind Jesper Juul’s writing on Zero-Player Games, though I haven’t read that recently enough to be able to comment on resonances between this game and Juul’s thoughts (I’m sure they’ll be there, and I’ll re-read the paper sometime soon I swear). So the setup is, to be clear, we have a game that is more or less identical to the original (in terms of the code and its possibilities), but instead of player input triggering things in the game (like Prometheus’ writhing), the computer triggers those aspects itself as well.

That raises a few different things to think about, and I will try to write something about those things next week. I can’t be bothered right now, but rest assured it’s going to be super interesting when I get to it. This is just a project announcement. Consider yourselves warned.

17 March 2017
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