Abandon hope all You who Are Not Here

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Hey there, just reporting in from the depths of game-making sadness about You Are Not Here, that project I’ve been working on that’s meant to be ‘about’ locative media. I made basically the whole thing in five days during our excellent #ZUTAG jam at the TAG lab and then worked away on it in fits and starts after that to try to get it ready to go.

Now I’m in New Zealand and I’ve been trying to get back into the project having had a little distance from it while I was in Japan. Distance is one of those things people tell you to get from your work from time to time, putting novels in drawers etc. And the reason for that is you can take a more dispassionate view of the work and then, presumably, make it better. So I have what feels like distance from You Are Not Here and I feel… distant from it.

Just went out and sat on a park bench with a notebook to try to save it, but honestly I cannot seem to understand what the point of the overall project actually is. Which is not a good sign. One issue is simply that the game was made in a big rush and in some ways was made more as a critique/reaction to the general idea of locative media (one of the themes of the jam). As such, it’s a little insubstantial I think. It looks pretty attractive (I think), and it essentially “works” (in the sense of functioning), but when I try to look at it as a person who might be actually firing it up and trying it out, I don’t know what the experience is meant to be. An issue.

So I guess my plan is not necessarily to burn it to the ground, but to probably put it aside for the moment – “give myself permission” to not think about it for a while. Just so you know. Not thinking about it. Okay.

7 May 2017
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