Meet the new look, just like the old look

This is just to say

I have altered
the backend
that was running
my website

and which
you probably
have never
cared about

Forgive me
for mentioning it
it’s just, like,
a big deal to me

Over the past three or four days I’ve been going through that classic existential crisis known as wanting-to-completely-reinvent-my-website. It’s presumably because I’m struggling a bit to work successfully on It is as if you were doing work among other things, but this feeling comes to me every year or three, and I find it very hard to let go of unless I do something about it.

In this case I’ve made a kind of semi-compromise. I’ve migrated the complete history of my blog/site (1,600+ posts/entries!) to Jekyll, a “static site generator”. This is borderline meaningless (hopefully) from an outside perspective because the whole thing looks much the same and has (largely) the same functionality. At the back end (where I sit) I’m able to manage the files that make up the website far more easily without them hidden inside a database (which is how Wordpress, my previous solution, works). Now they’re all just text files which I edit, mostly in Markdown.

Nonetheless, a couple of changes to the way things are:

  • I changed the front page to always display a link to the most recent piece of writing, along with the most recent ‘image’ I’ve posted (lately that’s usually a drawing of a museum). I like this a lot more than the previous version, which would display the latest post whether it was a game, a text, an image, or whatever. Specifically, it reduces pressure on me to necessarily produce new ‘content’ so rapidly, because the front page holds its space well whether or not the stuff is “new” I think.
  • The category listings for words and images are now just lists of links organised by year and month, rather than a chronological set of pages with the full posts on them. This does mean an extra click to get to a specific post, but with the benefit you can see the whole timeline and more easily surf toward a time you’re interested in, rather than laboriously clicking your way there through everything I’ve written.
  • The games listing is basically the same, but I’m experimenting with having my (exclamation point laden) description texts along with the image and title to give some faint sense of what each game is about.
  • There’s no search for now, but I’ll probably implement something soon.

Those are the dry, dry details for you. Long story short, I feel more at peace again and can hopefully turn my attention back to making a game and other activities.

7 June 2017
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