Here today, gone to Hawaii tomorrow

This is just to say that Rilla and I are heading to Hawaii early tomorrow morning because we are kind of obscenely fortunate people. In this instance it’s because we’re part of an SSHRC Partnership Grant (this is a big deal in Canada) called Initiative for Indigenous Futures (IIF) run by our power-house of a colleague Jason Lewis. One of the components of IIF is a workshop series called SKINS in which a group of indigenous participants learns how to make videogames in order to express traditional stories, present day ideas, or potentially visions of the future.

The newest iteration of the workshop series is SKINS 5.0, which is taking place in partnership with Kamehameha Schools. As such, we’re going to be in Hawaii to run the workshop! It’s going to be a three-week intensive experience - with lessons on game design, Blender, Unity, storytelling, and more being taught, and the participants concepting, designing, and developing. And at the end… a game!

I’m especially interested and excited to see how the participant work with the intersection of videogame interactivity and traditional storytelling from their culture (mo’olelo in Hawaiian). When we bring distinct human cultures into the mix with games, and try to work out how the medium can effectively and interestingly tell and show the associated stories, it feels like something different can happen. So it feels like a good space.

See you in Hawaii!

If you’re there!

Because I will be!


10 July 2017
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